Small Domes

Small domes at 25m2  delivered ready for mount on basement. Easy built without crane and mounted within a few hours - ready for windows, outside cover, roofing, floor and interior arrangements a.m..
Easy Domes Ltd propose customers to add at least the windows and aluminum flashing to a building kit order. These materials are special produced and can not be purchased as standardized material. All other materials can be purchased local.
Easy Domes Ltd delivers drawings, manuals and outlines on all building materials. 
Delivered on pallets in container on FOB (fright on board) shipping conditions for loading at harbor in Denmark. Container / truck delivery to building site in European and Scandinavian countries.


                  Mountain cottages, Faroe Islands, 2000                                    Load construction, Denmark, 2007

Small Domes


Small domes at  approximate 25m2 are well furnished and arrangeable as cottages for a family stay for some weeks. A couple or a single person can actually have a stay for longer periods. Shown photo is from the "Tufts" in a  mountain area built in year 2000 on Faroe Islands.
Arranged with entrance, shower/and toilet room and the daily room with combined kitchen and corner sofa for relax or sleep. Loft room is arranged with a double bed.
Small domes can be delivered for any purposes and can be built in any climate region.  The domes are easy to adjust to different and even difficult terrain by foundation in wooden posts, a concrete reinforced plinth, a reinforced 10cm plate, or even 10 well placed stones - one for each corner.

This dome size offer other interior possibilities and also the opportunity to arrange a small relax- or working room on the loft by a  40cm lift of the top-pentagon and putting in between windows for a full horizontal view. Full skylight and vertical view is also a possibility.

The standard building kit of all domes contains the 21 wooden section ready for arrangement to base and mounting. For entrance door three sections are delivered for this purpose. The delivery includes all fittings for mounting the sections.

Small domes can be for spare time activities, week-end or long stay cottage, atelier, small workshop, tourism, observatory a.m. A full cover of a dome with soil and turf is possible and offers different  ideas for interior or "invisible" or restrict build in nature locations.