Small Added Domes

Addition of small domes i.e. two 25m2 buildings offers a summer house for the family or even a for a couple. Several domes can be added to each other and even in sloping terrain. Building in between two domes makes an even bigger house and with supplementary room possibilities.

                                          Small Added Domes


Addition of two small domes at 25m2 offers a quite unique small 50m2 summer cottage. Here interior arrangements offer separate rooms and advantage of separated kitchen - daily room functions. The living - dining room can keep its full space in one dome, and the other dome can be arranged with kitchen, entrance, toilet/bathroom a.m. Other good interior arrangements are possible - depending on individual wish and use of the building.

Addition of domes can be made in two ways:

1. By pulling to domes against each other at the basement: a hexagon to a hexagon at same level.
2. By turning one dome 36degree: a hexagon to a quadrangle, and lift of the quadrangle so it fits to the upper half of the

Addition can also be made by three or several domes - possibilities lay to the phantasy.