Small Domes

Here shown examples are two small 25m2 added domes - in two levels with a staircase in between, and in same level. The domes are shown for built in arctic climate or on rocky ground, and are mounted to a solid wooden construction. The domes are highly insulated and equipped with vacuum solar panels. Interior can be arranged as shown with a kitchen - dining  arrangement, and an entrance with shower / toilet room in the one dome, and a daily spatial room in the added dome arranged for combined sofas and sleep. A loft room can be arranged in the one dome for sleep or other purposes. 

The buildings are equal  with an outside size at 12,3m x 6,6m and a height, depending on the terrain, at app. 6m. The outside gross area is 62,8m2 and the Interior net area is 48,7m2.

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Intern.Conference 27.05.2009.pdf

Room arrangements:

Daily room / sleep           22,5m2
Kitchen / dining place       7,6m2
Shower / toilet                    2,7  "
Entrance                             3,1  "
Loft room                            4,3  "


          Added domes each 25m2, built in two levels on posts. For arctic climate or solid / rock ground

                                                            Small Domes 

               Added domes each 25m2, built in one level on posts. Interior drawing to the right.