Small Domes

Here example of an 31m2 dome - a cottage with living room, bathroom and toilet, and a ladder to a proper loft room for sleep and night sky-view.

The outside gross area is 31,5m2 and floor interior 28m2.

Files/Files/The real sustainable Cottage
Intern.Conference 27.05.2009.pdf

Room arrangements:

Daily room / kitchen           20,7m2
Bath- toilet room                   4,2
Entrance                                 3,1

In total                                   28,0m2

Loft room                               4,2m2 



                                              Cottage 31m2, build in 2019 in Torsager, Denmark.

                                                            Small Dome                                         


               Added domes each 25m2, built in one level on posts. Interior drawing to the right.