Medium Domes

Medium domes are 35m2 to 45m2. These can be built with a loft room with skylight or vertical windows at the pentagon.
Two medium domes, even with a building in-between, reach the size of a family home at almost 100m2.


     Added domes for arctic climate

Example here is a low energy 45m2 net floor dome arranged with a loft room at 13m2- all in solely sustainable materials.

                                                                  Medium Domes

Small or medium sized domes are 35m2 to 45 m2 net floor size. This dome size offer other interior possibilities and also the opportunity to arrange a sleep/relax- or work room in the loft. A full horizontal view can be arranged by lift of the top pentagon, or with a full skylight, should this be a wish.

By addition of two 35m2 domes, a proper small 70m2 family house is a reality. Separate rooms can be arranged for each dome.  With a building in between two medium sized domes, arrangements are for entrance, bathroom/toilet, and even a small hall with aces to a terrace. A proposal like this will easily become a 100m2  house.
Medium and added domes  can be used for a wide range of activities, i.e. workshop, cafe,, hairdresser, atelier/gallery a.m.
Domes for permanent stay have to fulfill today demands for sustainability at all levels - from the building process, use and recycle of materials as use of energy for heat and electricity.