Greenland Society Cultural Dome 100m2

                                                               Big Domes

Big domes are offered from app. 70m2 to 120m2 net floor size. The here shown Greenland Society Cultural Dome is app.100m2  ground floor size with a full cellar and a 50m2 added building.  Big domes are very suitable as family house, atelier, cafe a.m. and have a inside height favorable to a two floor dome. 
Example of big domes are at seen in Faroe Islands,  Denmark and United Arab Emirates.

           Family dome 75m2, Denmark

The 75m2 family dome is built in 2007 in Denmark is a low energy / passive house, grid connected and with solar panels combined to a brick built stove. All building materials are certified and fulfill all sustainable demands.
Outside coverage of our domes can i.e. be non-toxic impregnated and profiled pinewood or certified hard-wood. Insulation can be sheep- flax- or wood-wool or other nature material. With a proper insulation at 30 to 40cm and energy supply from solar collectors combined with an air/water heat pump, as an ventilation with heat energy reuse, the dome can easily fulfill the passive house standard at max.15kWh/m2/year and even reach a zero energy level.