Big Added Domes

Added domes for all kind of terrains - at same floor level, or by two levels and with a staircase in between, as shown here below.

                                               Big added Domes

Addition of two 56m2 domes make a two floor 145-150m2  house interiored for any purposes - family house, atelier, workshop, machine  or technician house, cafe, restaurant  or shop.  Here room is for kids, workroom, bathrooms, technician room as multiple choices for interior arrangements.

Big added domes are be built in same manner as the small domes:

1. By pulling to domes against each other at the basement: a hexagon to a hexagon at the same level.

2. By turning one dome 36degree: a hexagon against a quadrangle, and lift of the quadrangle so it fits
    to the upper half of the hexagon.

Between added domes at same level insulated outside walls and roof is built.  Addition with one level up demand  6 step stairs.

Ideal for family, 3 to 4 bedrooms, and superb interior flexibility.

Net ground floor 91m2 - Built area 112m2

Low energy, passive or even zero energy solutions.