Domes and polyhedron shaped buildings and designs are seen all around the world. Old and ancient examples are mostly churches, minarets, the arctic igloo. Today we have high-tech examples of geodesics from added super-domes in different sizes and mat



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                  Easy Domes Ltd
           design and construction
            Kári Thomsen, architect
           Ole Vanggaard, engineer


The Product

Introducing the Easy Domes concept, the word easy can be regarded as a key word. The Easy Domes building kits are manufactured as high quality wooden sections ready for mounting at building site. The dome construction is easy to assemble with only steel bolts and nuts. Small domes can be erected by manpower while bigger domes need a crane. The structure is suitable for all kinds of terrain and implementable to all climate conditions. The spatial building offers many interior arrange- ments, low energy and sustainable building possibilities as addition of two or several domes. The Easy Domes construction is easy to manage for home-builders as professionals.

Easy Domes examples:
  - Greenland Society Cultural House, 250m2,  Faroe Islands, 1992
  - Two tourist cottages, 25m2,  mountain area, Faroe Islands, 2000
  - Family house, 75m2, low energy dome, Ringsted, Denmark, 2008
  - Cottage, 25m2, added to other house, Ringsted, Denmark, 2008
  - Beach location, two 25m2 added to one 56m2, Ghantoot, UAE, 2010


Dome-kit and purchase


Each product is designed and manufactured for personal wishes on room arrangements, windows, in- and out- side building materials,  flooring, water- and energy supply a.m.

One dome-building kit  includes the 21 wooden sections, the load construction, and two wall sections for main door. Fittings for mounting the sections are included a delivery.


Special designed windows in wood or aluminumthe are to each delivery. Also aluminum flashing, for  secure against rain, is to each delivery.

Building owner makes preparation at building site, and receive on truck/container the manufactured products: the dome sections a.m. Drawings, manuals , material outline a.s.o are delivered to each customer  
More information at purchase.


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