Dome-size and structures


From small single 25m2 domes for spare-time activities to added domes for summer-lodge, or bigger two floor family-houses.
Two added domes, even with an building in between, can become 100m2 summer-villa, a small workshop, cafe or shelter  for any social or cultural arrangement.

Medium domes can be arranged with skylight or horizontal view with windows in top roof section. The dome -height  offers a two floor house 50-60m2 in total. Added domes can easily become above hundred square meter, and fulfill the spatial design and experience of  hollow shape.

Bigger domes can by the Easy Domes concept be delivered up to approximate 150m2. Above  this size the buildings sections become big, more heavy and also difficult to handle. We therefore suggest  to keep the max. dome base size 100m2 to 150m2.


Easy Domes products and options

Basic dome-kit with options

The basic  dome-kit in  the 5/8 geometry  has 21 pine- and  plywood sections ready for mounting with steel bolts. For entrance three more sections are included the kit. The strong wooden dome-construction is easy to handle to different  building site conditions as hard rock, soil, gravel or sand.
Windows will be needed fitting to the building sections -the pentagons, hexagons and quadrangles. Included the building kit Easy Domes Ltd offer the delivery of windows and aluminum flashing, as the building owner otherwise has to order these from local manufacturer.  The aluminum lists are to prevent rain to enter the construction- available in different  colors. All fittings are included for these works.
When windows and aluminum flashing has been put up, the out- and inside work can be done, flooring - with insulation, cables and other technical installations - and its final paint, finish and interior. Building materials for these works are to be purchased local. Easy Domes has options to add some building materials to an offer, see below.

Other options

Other possibilities are for delivery of  partly pre produced and sustainable materials for ongoing out- and inside work. EU certified spruce-wood, sheep-wool, flax or wooden wool for natural insulation, hardwood-flooring, and low-energy windows. All Technical accessories and appliances for advanced energy- and IT systems for heat and electricity can be added any delivery - heat pump, solar for heat, PV as wind energy for stand alone- or grid connected system.

Building guidelines and guarantee of product   

Manuals and outlines are available on all works needed for the  raise, mounting and building of  the dome. Supervision and guidance at site is also possible by people from Easy Domes Ltd, or local contractors. The building kit is manufactured acc. to ISO standards and EU codes for prefabricated building sections.

Easy Domes Ltd  also makes design and construction, incl. delivery of building kits, in traditional geodesic building structures and the triangulate system - offering very large domes.