Dome-size and floors


25m2 - cottage for spare time and holiday. 
31m2 - cottage for spare time and holiday.
40m2 - with loft room 48m2 floor interior.
56m2 - with two rooms upstairs 73m2 floor interior
85m2 - with three rooms upstairs 120m2 floor interior
109m2 - with several rooms upstairs, 200m2 floor interior

Building guidelines and guarantee of product

Manuals and outlines are for all works needed for the raise, mounting and building of the dome. Guidance is offered at mount of a dome.
The dome manufacture is certified ac. to the European standard PrEN14732-1, the Eurocode DS/EN1995 from 1.January 2009.


               Two floor family dome 73m2                                                                              Cottage 25m2

Basic dome-kit with options

The basic  dome-kit in  the 5/8 geometry  has 21 pine- and  plywood sections ready for mounting with steel bolts.  
The wooden load construction is easy to handle to any  building site conditions.
Included the building kit KT-Architects offer the delivery of  needed windows and aluminum flashing.The aluminum is
preventing rain entering  the construction. All fittings are included for these works.
When windows and aluminum flashing has been put up, the out- and inside work can be done.
All other building materials are in general to be purchased at local building market.


                   Anahata Yoga Center 120m2, Møn, Denmark 2018                                              Family dome 73m2