Medium Domes

Here shown example is a medium sized dome at 45m2 net floor, incl. a loft room.  The dome is arranged with a functional combination of kitchen and daily  section and with a wide window / daylight arrangement to the south.  The daily room is organized with a stove and has a proper and also moveable staircase to the quite big loft room.  The shower and toilet room is arranged with washing machine and insulated hot water tank.
The medium dome is quite suitable as a small summer house for a couple and even with small children, and is here shown as a low energy dome built solely on sustainable materials.

The dome has a size at  7,0m x 7,4m with a height (depending on terrain) at  app. 5m. Interior net floor is 44,3m2 and the outside gross area 39,6m2.

Room arrangements:

Kitchen /  living room       23,3m2
Entrance                               2,6
Shower / toilet                     5,2
Loft room                           13,3


                                                                       Medium dome at 45m2 net floor size 

                                                                  Medium Dome