Big Domes

Example of a big dome is the 72,5m2 low energy two floor family dome built in Denmark in 2007. The building is a fully sustainable dome arranged for quality comfort and proper stay. The dome has a spatial kitchen and living room with staircase to first floor with two bedrooms. The bath and toilet room is arranged with technician appliances i.e. hot water storage tank combined for solar energy and the mass stove.  Energy need for heating and hot water is in average 30kWh/m2/year.  The dome can be arranged for passive house as zero energy standards.

The domes size is 8,84m x 8,41m with outdoor height at app. 6,1m. Inside height is 5,0m. 

                                      Ground floor                                                                                              First floor

                                                                   Big Dome


                                                                         Vertical cut through terrace door