Large Domes

Here shown examples are two added domes reaching a 141m2 two floor family house. The addition is arranged at same level between to hexagons, and by arrangement of children rooms in one dome and parents room in the other dome. In general partition walls are arranged to fit the outside wall- and roof sections and to reach good finish. On first floor double thermal windows are put in the partition walls, both to get proper daylight as good comfort.

The outdoor max size is 17,0m x 8,84m and with a height at app. 6,1m. Indoor room height is 5,0m. Ground gross size is 113,6m2.

Room arrangements:

Ground floor
Dining / staircase room 16,8m2
Bedroom                             7,8
Bathroom / toilet                5,7
Bedroom                            8,8
Entrance                             4,6

Living room / kitchen      38,7
Technician room               6,6

First floor
Bedroom                          12,2
Bedroom                          11,9
Balcony                              2,3

Bedroom                          22,1
Balcony                               3,8


       Added domes at same level, ground floor                                        First floor

                                                             Large Domes



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