Large Domes

Example to two floor large dome reaching a 130m2 net floor family house. Four bedrooms- three upstairs and a work-room beneath with an open and spatial 37m2 kitchen-daily room. The  inside height of he dome is 6,3m.  The staircase is arranged in mid of the dome and with good access to first floor, and also offers some flexible interior possibilities. A main window arrangement for daily room a.m. can be arranged as shown in the example. 

The outside measurement of the dome is 10,3 x 10,8m making 84,5m2.

Room arrangements:

Ground floor                     66,2m2

Bedroom                           11,3
Bathroom / toilet                6,4
Entrance                              8,3
Staircase                             3,0
Living room / kitchen       37,2

First floor                           61,7m2
Bedroom                          14,7
Bedroom                          10,3
Bedroom                            9,6
Bathroom / toilet               6,4
Staircase-area                19,7

                              Ground floor                                                         First floor

                                                                            Large Dome                                                           


                                                                                           Front to the East