The first Easy Domes project was built and finished in 1992 and belongs to the Greenland Cultural Society on Faroe Islands. The dome is 100m2 and the first known full scale example of an truncated icosahedron. A full cellar is arranged with toilets and technician room, and a building is added for kitchen facilities, wardrobe, handicap toilet and a small office.

A fully sustainable two floor 75m2 family dome was built in Denmark in 2007. The dome is a low energy house with solar collector and brick stove.  

In year 2010 the owner of  Golden Tulip Al Jazira hotel & resort ordered a special project for their area and beach location in Ghantoot, UAE. The project contains two small domes added to a bigger dome with interior for two jacuzzi as a central bar and café. The project is arranged and built on sand and to this arranged to special demands.
The construction - walls and roof - is laid outside with reinforced plates in concrete with ventilation in between. Air condition is a must in hot climate. 
The ground floor size is 120m2.


                      Family dome, Denmark                                                             

                               Unloading from flat rack                                                Test mounting on the beach  

   Building site in United Arab Emirates, two small domes added to one big dome, Golden Tulip, Ghantoot