The first Easy Domes project was built and finished in 1992 and belongs to the Greenland Cultural Society,  Faroe Islands. The dome is 85m2 (diam.10,8m) and the first known full scale  truncated icosahedron.

Year 2000 two 25m2 cottages vere build for tourism in Faroe Islands.

A fully sustainable two floor 75m2 family dome was built in Denmark in 2007. The dome is a low energy house with solar collector and brick stove.   

Year 2010 three domes vere build on beach location in Ghantoot, UAE. The project has two small domes added to a bigger dome.

Two tourism cottages 25m2 are delivered to Akureyri, Iceland, and expected to be ready for 2018 tourism season.
                                                                                        New building 2018

One 85m2 / 130m2 dome - yoga center - is to be build in Denmark in April 2018, and other dome-projects are in development for 2018.

Two 56m2 added domes (145m2 net interior) will be seen in  Denmark in mid 2018.






   Village event in Vridsted, Denmark. 13.August 2017      -     Outdoor exhibition, example of the 2 floor 75m2 dome