All requests and orders to Easy Domes Ltd are arranged to fulfill personal and individual wishes and demands. When the final building project, interior wishes and use of materials, technical appliances a.m. has been stated, and the customer has accepted the product, ongoing preparations for local authorities, apply for building permission, statement of soil conditions a.m. will be finished. To customers in EU countries an energy calculation shall be delivered before the apply for building permission is approved. Easy Domes Ltd makes use of the Danish Be10 energy calculation program.

Easy Domes Ltd is registered at the US CCR (Central Contractors Registry) Cage/NCode R5296.

Legislation in Scandinavia and EU:

General Conditions for Consulting Services, ABR 92.

Common rules on works and delivery in building- and entrepreneurial activities, AB06.


Order and purchase of an Easy Domes building kit is made by signed contract and agreement on conditions for delivery, payment, receive and handle of product, appraisal and guarantee of product a.m.  

Building kits are in general delivered in containers.  Two 25m2 building kits fit into one 20 feet container.  Medium and big sized domes are delivered on truck in European and Scandinavian countries, while shipment is a container delivery. Here the pentagon and hexagon sections are in two pieces and for mount at building site.  

Discount:            10% at minimum order of 10 units

Delivery time from order / sign of contract is app. 3 months.

Agreement for delivery is primary made on FOB (Freight  On Board) arrangements, but can be made as a CIF (Cost Insurance Freight) delivery. Delivery is not included shown prizes.


With reservation for today (04.09.2017) rate of exchange. Purchase of an Easy Domes building kit  is made on mentioned  terms, and with delivery from factory within Denmark  to building site on truck or at container harbor in AArhus, Denmark. (FOB)

The shown prizes are without added values or taxes and valid to countries other than EU states and Denmark.

1 unit, small dome:           25m2, incl. all fittings, - in one 20 feet container:         US$  12.150  /  Euro  10.193
                                                Windows, one main door, aluminum, fittings a.m.:    US$    6.675  /  Euro    5.600

1 unit, medium dome:      
40m2, incl. all fittings, - on pallets                           :       US$ 13.952  /  Euro   11.705
                                                Windows, one main door, aluminum, fittings a.m.:    US$   6.840  /  Euro     5.738

1 unit, big dome:               
56m2, incl. all fittings, - on pallets:                                   US$ 21.596  /  Euro  18.118
                                               Windows, two doors, aluminum, fittings a.m.:              US$   9.753  /  Euro    8.182
NB.: One single dome can be ordered but delivery will be implemented to other ongoing production.
         Easy Domes Ltd has a minimum prize at Euro 4.000 for project preparations, energy calculation, apply for building
         permission a.s.o. This prize is not being added values or taxes to countries outside Faroe Islands.
         Shown dome sizes are basement gross m2.

Clients are to add to an order the special manufactured windows and aluminum coverage flashing. Windows fit exact to the sections and are in pine hardwood or mahogany with double thermal energy glass. The aluminum flashing is ready for mount and in any chosen color.