Basic building kit

Offers are arranged by delivery of the basic dome package

Basic Building Kit

The basic dome kit has 21 sections ready for mounting.

Materials are easy to handle to any building site conditions.

The basic dome package

Offers are arranged by delivery of the basic dome package – the manufactured and special designed products.


  • 21 pinewood sections covered with highest plywood quality for exterior and construction purpose.
  • 3 entrance sections (main/terrace door).
  • Iron bolts and fittings for mounting.

Windows and door

  • 8 windows in pinewood, painted and ready for mount. (different options on windows arrangement)
  • 1 main door.

Aluminum flashing Aluminium flashing for wall/roof/windows a .m . The aluminum flashing is designed to prevent rain entering the construction/dome.

precision cut pine construction timber

Building codes and standards
All Scandinavian and EU construction- and building codes and standards are fulfilled in the Easy Domes concept.

Dome-section certificate
The wooden dome is made in precision cut pine construction timber mounted to 12 mm CE-certified plywood, and with predrilled holes for mount of the sections to each other with 10 mm iron bolts.

Each dome has 10 hexagons, 6 pentagons and 5 quadrangles – making 5/8 of the full polyhedra, here the thruncated icosahedron.

Eurocode DS/EN 1995
The Easy Domes Ltd. wooden sections are certified according to demands in the european standard PrEN14732-1, from 1. January 2009 the Eurocode DS/EN 1995.

Building the basic dome

  1.  Work-floor with first wall sections.
  2.  Lower part with 10 sections.
  3.  Pentagon being placed.
  4.  Window section.
  5.  Three roof sections remain.
  6.  Roof top section being placed. 

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