Medium Dome Houses

Get more comfort and space for dining

Medium Dome Houses

A full horizontal view can be arranged by lift of the top pentagon, or with a full skylight, should this be a wish.

To offer a bigger dome for more comfort we show the 45 m² net floor dome where the daily room and kitchen are quite comfortable and with a good relax-corner and place for dining too. As the dome is bigger and with more height than the 25 m² and 31 m² cottage it offers the opportunity to arrange a first floor sleeping room or loft room at 13 m². The size makes it possible for building a summer-house for a longer stay.

Cottage 40 m² - plans

Floor area

Kitchen/daily room

2,6 m²
5,2 m²
23,3 m²

Ground floor net area

Loft room

31,3 m²

13,3 m²

Interior net area

Basement gross area

44,3 m²

39,6 m²

Small Domes

Small domes at 25 m² or 31 m² for sparetime cottage, family stay for some weeks, eco-tourism or housing.

Large Domes

The large domes have two or three floors and are highly suitable for a family home.

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