Process of Delivery & Build

From self-build to full entrepreneurial work and key delivered house

Process of Delivery & Build

Domes 25 m² to 40 m² can be build by manpower, while bigger domes need a crane for lift of the wooden sections.

purchase and building

By decide of purchase and building af dome, the buyer has to add windows and aluminum flashing to the order.

A. Delivery time, truck-transport, container shipment, destination / harbor.

B. Building owners preparation, area- and building site conditions- soil, water, severage, technician, building permission, road access a.s.o.

The plinth or base

A. Plinth 150 – 200 mm concrete, hight 300 – 600 mm, with floor in 100 mm concrete on pressure resistant insulation.

B. Plinth 150 – 200 mm concrete, hight 300 – 600 mm, with floor in 150 – 200 mm wood beams, with insulation and ventilation to soil.

C. Plinth 20×40 cm concrete base, or solid stone to each of the 10 corners.

D. Plinth as a solid 100/150 mm wooden construction Easy Domes Ltd. deliver needed drawings and manual for how the plinth has to be made. This is a part of every delivery from Easy domes.

Building materials

The building owner in cooperation with local building advicer / entrepreneur organizes build at site, delivery of material, and how to organize the work to a quality build house:

  • Full entrepreneurial work finished to a key-ready house.
  • Entrepreneurial work with support by building owner.
  • Experienced home-builder.

Building materials are standardized and can be purchased at any local building market. Easy Domes deliver the building owner manuals and drawings and a detailed outline on all needed materials, with amount, dimensions and so on.

The building owner can apply for delivery of optional building materials like special flooring, insulation, wall cover, technical and energy equipment and so on.

Advice and guidance with inspection and warranty

A building owner shall hire local skilled people / contractors to build the domehouse. KT-Architects offer guidance when mounting the dome at site, and with introduction to begin of the construction / build with mount of windows, aluminum, roof and cladding. 
At building proces the building owner hire local constructor / building advice to follow-up on works carried out.

KT-Architects offer inspection at finished / ready bulding, and with warranty and liability insurance for up to 5 year.

The dome-construction

Small domes 25 m2 to 40 m2 can be build by manpower, while bigger domes need a crane for lift of the wooden sections.

  • The procedure is to set a quadrangle and hexagon to each other on the plinth, put iron bolts through predrilled holes, and mount the elements to each other.
  • Next all the base-sections and ongoing wall/roof sections are mounted.
  • The dome is adjusted and fit to the plinth before full tightening.
  • The dome is mounted to the plinth with iron bolts.


The windows are designed to fit the dome-window sections, and are mounted with attention to connect to the aluminum flashing and dome wall/roof cover.

Windows certificate
The windows are in hard wood, mahogany, or pine, with double energy glass and U-values at 0,1.

Windows and doors are handmade at jointers workshop and delivered within the conditions for the provision of works and supplies within building sector, AB92.

Energy and climate

The Easy Dome house has a good inside distribution of fresh air and heat. With proper natural insulation materials as sheep-wool, flax, wood or paper, and a proper ventilation of the outside climate membrane, the housing climate conditions get optimal.

With only certified and natural materials on the inside walls, and the use of the heavy and proper natural insulation, the traditional humidity membrane can be avoided making the walls be able to breathe and clean the inside air. Natural insulation materials at 300 – 400 mm are needed to minimize heat loss and fulfill energy demands.

Floor can be 300 mm presure resistant insulation beneath an 100 mm concrete floor and build up wooden floor.

The building system makes an highly hermetic house, and has been tested to leak 0,01 Litre/m2/sec. (maks.1,5L). A ventilator 160 m3/h is suggested in top of  large domes.

Air to water heat pumps combined to solar-collectors are very efficient. PV-solar cells and integrated roof panels with batteri-storage are available on market.

Aluminum flashing

The aluminum flashing in 0,8 mm is designed to fit to the type/dimension of the wall-cover, as to the windows and the roof. The aluminum is mounted with screws with washer and gasket.

Building the dome

When the base / plinth is finished, the dome can be erected and mounted with windows and aluminum flashing. Outside cladding, roofing a.m. is traditional wood-building following sanitary, heat, water and electrician works a.m.:

  • Outside wall coverage with wood-boards or solid plate.
  • Roof build and mount of gutters and downpipes.
  • Inside insulation, wall-framework and cover.
  • Flooring with heat panels, partition walls and loft rooms.
  • Technical installations for water, sewerage, ventilation, energy, cable and pipes a.m.
  • Interior equipment kitchen, bathroom and

Energy demands

The Easy Domes comply the DK/EU building standards, the Danish building code BR18 determine use to private housing- in kW hours to each m2 net floor area A for one year:

Max: 30,0 + 1000 = kWh/m²/year A(m²)


100m2 house: max energy use

Passiv house

40 kWh/m²/year

15 kWh/m²/year


KT-Architects deliver energy documents and result report according to Be18 calculation program.

100m2 house: max energy use:
40 kWh/m²/year

Passiv house:
15 kWh/m²/year

KT-Architects deliver energy documents and result report according to Be18 calculation program.


From basement to final top

When all preparations for basement are finished and ready for mounting of the dome, the work is quite easy to make when the first two sections are put on the plinth and mounted to each other.

This continues all the way round by mounting iron bolts through predrilled holes, even not with a final tightening. Pentagon window- and wall sections are put in place,  followed by 5 roof- hexagon sections.

And the final top is the pentagon. When all 21 sections are adjusted the iron bolts can be tightened.

  1.  The first section – heavy, but moveable.
  2.  First two sections on plinth.
  3.  A crane is needed for lift of sections.
  4.  Mounting iron bolts.
  5. Final pentagon roof-section.
  6.  Inside framework and cover with plywood.   

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